Saturday, April 19, 2008


I was at work the other day doing what i do best, slinging the beans and talking to people, when a lady rolled up that i had never seen before. i work or have worked at all of the dutch bros stands in town and i don't remember ever seeing her before. i remember her drink now - Big nonfat chai and she got a medium white mocha for someone else (i don't know, i just remember drinks). anyways, she had paid and i had said my goodbyes when she just kinda sat there in her car looking at us in the stand. she motioned for me to come back over to the window, so i did. i thought there was something wrong or i charged her wrong or something when she leaned out her window and said these words, "God wants you to know that healing and restoration are coming to your family! God Bless you!" then she drove off. needless to say, i just kinda stood there for a second as the next car came driving up to the window. all i could say was, "wow!" I've never seen this lady before in my life and the word that she spoke to me has absolutely rocked my freakin world!!!

See, she didn't know that i have been praying for healing and restoration in my family for as long as i can remember. she didn't know that my brother, who has been my best friend for my entire life, has made decisions that have torn apart his own family and our relationship. she didn't know that my father has forever lived his own life. she didn't know that my nephew who will be 2 in august is desperately seeking love and attention from a father. she didn't know that ever since i was a small boy all i've wanted in my family is healing and restoration. she only knew that she had to be obedient.

I'm so passionate about this whole family thing and people realizing that healing and redemption can come to families because almost every single one of my wounds in my life have come from my family and i can only reach out from my own places of hurt and brokenness. GOD IS REDEEMING FAMILIES!!!! HE IS BRINGING HEALING AND RESTORATION TO FAMILIES!!!

if i believe that when i pray as Jesus taught us how to pray, saying, "Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." then i have to believe that restoration and healing are coming. because you see, in God's kingdom there are no broken families. there is no abuse, there are no absent fathers, there is no comparing siblings, there is no lying, cheating, divorce!!!! THERE IS NONE OF IT!!!

so, now it's time for me to ask, 'what's my role? how will You use me in your plan for redeeming families?' because i refuse to be another contributor to the disease of broken families!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

all in the fam

ok, so i used to blog on my myspace page all of the time. i haven't written anything for quite some time and it seems like every staff meeting i get told that i should start blogging. it seems that this should be something that i should be doing more often since writitng a book is one of my goals in life, i guess i should start writing blogs first.

ever since we started this whole 'we are family' series i've realized that this hits so close to home for me and each night seems to be an emotional roller coaster for me. I've known that we were going to start this whole family stuff for a little bit but the more we talk, the more intense it's getting for me personally.

To Be Continued.....